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In many ways building your own home is the only way to get exactly what you want and need. When the process is over you will end up with a new space that perfectly matches your dream. If you have never worked through the building process before, you may feel a little overwhelmed.

There are so many options with beautiful products and materials which can make it very confusing. Lots of decision making but don’t worry that is what we are here for, to get the best results together for your home.

Choose your builder before you choose your home. Your builder can make or break the process, so choose with care. At Dorrington Homes our clients can work closely alongside the builder in a one on one relationship. This will ensure as much or as little involvement in the building process that they choose to achieve.

Ask all the questions you want, make as many changes as you would like, we want you to enjoy the process. We are here as a team to make your dream become reality. With support, guidance and honesty throughout your entire build.

We listen, we care, we make things happen. We will make the journey such a great experience that you will want to do it all again.

Together we can build your dream home.

The defining factor in building your dream home is who builds it. Once the process begins, you don’t get a second chance at making the right decision. Your builder is the difference, they make or break the outcome. Here at Dorrington Homes, you aren’t just a number, we’re invested into your dream just as much as you are. This passion for a superior level of service derives from our Managing Director, Chris Dorrington.

From your first consultation, to when you are handed the keys, Chris is there every step of the way. 
A one on one relationship with the man in charge means we can accommodate each and every alteration, question, and query. Chris is available around the clock to ensure your peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Building a home can be stressful. Your dream is in someone else’s hands. With Dorrington Homes, we want you to enjoy the journey. We keep you updated, give you access to your site, and most of all, we’re here when you need us. With an array of specialist services with countless years of experience, we approach building holistically. From interior design to landscaping, we have it covered.

We’re here to make your imagination a reality. We do this with honesty, communication, and the highest degree of excellence. After dealing with Dorrington Homes, the only thing you have to consider is that you may want to do it all again!

Partner with us today, and together we can build your masterpiece.

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