Welcome to Dorrington Homes. We are an award-winning building company that specialise in the tailor-made design and construction of Perth’s most elite homes. 

A taste for luxury, an eye for detail, and a passion for making your dream a reality, the Dorrington Homes experience has excellence and integrity woven throughout.

Exquisite and individual – our company creed, and the defining factors in our homes. We take the utmost pride in the entire journey of constructing a home, making us tremendously proud of each and every build.

Hallmarked by the Master Builders Association and Housing Excellence Awards through numerous accolades, Dorrington Homes has become a notable name in the business of building dream homes. Offering unprecedented design and construction, our inspiring homes exude luxury and purposeful design in even the finest of details. We don’t just build homes, we build visions and lifestyles, tailored to your passions. We listen, we communicate, and we deliver homes that we know assert excellence. Platforms for forging everlasting memories, a Dorrington Homes’ build is a way of life.

In keeping with the enthralling experience of building a home, Dorrington Homes ensure that you have complete control over your residence. A one on one relationship with your Managing Director Chris Dorrington ensures twenty-four-seven access for your peace of mind. We know that building such a complex asset can be just that, complex. Utilizing a solution-focused process, we know that variations are a natural part of the building process. We pride ourselves on accommodating each and every change to your building experience.

We employ a wholistic approach to the crafting of a home. The Dorrington Homes team have garnered countless years of experience and expertise in a wide range of fields. From design through to turnkey and handover, we ensure every component of the project is adequately seen to, nothing is beyond our scope. From home and interior design to landscaping and high-end finishing, we create an unparalleled environment in order for you to best settle into your new home.

Our point of difference has, and always will be our Managing Director Chris Dorrington’s individual ‘hands on’ approach. His personal involvement in every step of the build is what gives our clients comfortability. Building can be stressful, but with complete access to your site, and round-the-clock assistance from Chris, the Dorrington journey undeniably enjoyable. With Dorrington Homes, you aren’t just a client, you’re a part of the family.

We invite you to take a moment and explore our collection of bespoke homes. From completed homes, pre-construction computer generated renders, to homes we’re currently completing, take a moment to discover the Dorrington Homes journey.