Obtaining The Design Brief

The launching pad of the Dorrington Homes’ experience, the design brief is the initial stage of partnering with you and your family. We sit down and get to know you, your family, and your lifestyle. We marry your vision to the elected design brief, requirements, and budget.

This crucial step of the process enables our design team to simply listen and permit your imagination to paint the picture of your masterpiece, allowing us to best accomplish the reality.

This is the first step of the journey, we align ourselves with your visualisation, ensuring our advice is there every step of the way.

Design Concepts and Pre - Construction Costing

Once we’ve successfully captured your thoughts, ideas, and desires, our design team will crunch the numbers. We’ll provide you with a detailed design concept, based on the design brief. You will receive all the tools you need, including structured plans, elevations and computer generated three-dimensional perspectives, allowing you to envision the finished product.

We’ll also provide a comprehensive breakdown of the estimated costs involved. This step of the process sparks life into your dream, making it a reality for the first time.


The next phase of the journey is where we take care of all the documentation required and provide you with the timeline of your construction.

The relevant plans are prepared for lodgement to the council and relevant departments, including full working drawings with the engineer’s details.

The contract documentation is then finalised, allowing the first tangible step of the process to begin. We’ll specify the estimated timelines of your build, along with the payment targets. We give you, the big picture.

Entering Into A Contract

The ‘pen-to-paper’ step of the process, this is where the excitement of sealing the deal takes place. Documentation is finalised, the building permit has been approved by the relevant council, and the final contracts are signed and executed by all parties.

This stage marks the final component of pre-build administration, all that’s left to do is turn your vision into actuality!

Commencing Construction

With all documentation accomplished, the excitement begins! The construction team is mobilised, and various trades will commence site works. Your bespoke Dorrington Homes residence will now begin construction.

Tendering On Jobs

Dorrington Homes’ has expertise down to the finest details, including competitive pricing on tendered projects. Our cutting-edge team will completely manage the tender process, with countless years of experience in lodging proposals to the quality expected by architects and design teams.